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About Andy

Saunders grew up in Poole, on the South Coast of England, developing an early relationship with the building and customisation of cars, his first project was finished before he was old enough to hold a British driving license.

Since this first project, the journey to become one of the leading and most recognisable ‘Car Artists’ today materialised. With painstaking attention to detail all of Saunders Collection over the years, has been unique and at times, controversial. With commissions from the film industry, private collectors to leading vehicle manufacturers and recognition with 76 nominations for the Turner Prize Saunders is truly a major player on the scene today.

Now the industry’s ‘go-to-guy’ for outlandish custom car projects, Saunders creations have included a car that was just 21 inches tall, a two-seater Mini and a Citroen 2CV inspired by Picasso.

This is the most beautiful coach built Bentley since the last world war.

Lord Grainley RRB

Picasso's Citroen, The X-2000 and the Lancia Zero are three cars that perfectly define Saunders Genius.

Octane Magazine

Andy's work is amongst the best I have ever seen.

James Hale. ACCA



As a young child Saunders dreamed of owning a custom car, this dream became a reality when in 1979 at the grand old age of 15, his father gave him his first car.  He set about customising the vehicle with his Dad and Bird Puller his first creation was born.

Now 35 years later Saunders is a leading authority in the design and build of custom vehicles world-wide.

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Following the lost of his father, Andy started to diarise his thoughts and feelings during this difficult time, “This book was written by me, for me, for my own personal healing. Only on its completion was it apparent that it could also be used as a tool of healing for others at the same stage of loss and grief that I had been through and documented.”

An excerpt of this book is available by hitting the Read More button below.

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Whilst Andy has always been a ‘Car Artist’, picking up a paint brush and working on an actual canvas was a new medium for him. Gaining inspiration from Jamie Reads 1970’s paintings, he set about copying them purely to see how he would ‘get on’. The results were fantastic and he continued to ‘copy’ other artist such as Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art posters simply to get use to this new medium. Now at a stage where he is comfortable in front of a canvas Saunders is busy finding his own ‘style’ and coming up with some original pieces which he hopes to exhibit during 2014.

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Andy is an artist of rare talent who has an eye for the unusual and the skill and determination to turn his vision into a stunning reality. This has made him something of a celebrity in the car world. I have witnessed first hand some of his finest work in progress and his down to earth approachable nature made working with him a fun and rewarding experience.

Stephen Vokins. Beaulieu National Motor Museum