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“Andy Saunders is quite simply one of the most original and creative car designers / builders in the world. His standards are exceptionally high, he is hard working but also humourous and very easy to get on with and he can explain mechanical and stylistic concepts very well in his charming and distinctive accent. He is as much an artist as he is a car builder and that approach makes him very unusual in the automotive world.”

John Lakey. Assistant producer BBC.

“Andy is an artist of rare talent who has an eye for the unusual and the skill and determination to turn his vision into a stunning reality. This has made him something of a celebrity in the car world. I have witnessed first hand some of his finest work in progress and his down to earth approachable nature made working with him a fun and rewarding experience.”

Stephen Vokins. Corporate Relations Manager. Beaulieu National Motor Museum.

“Things you JUST must have… Picasso’s Citroen!”

Vanity Fair Magazine

“Saunders has been a major creative force in the british custom scene for many years. His cars are as eagerly anticipated as Tarantino’s Flicks and amoung certain circles they are as controversial.”

Gary Inman. Journalist 

“Every profession has its participants who are shall we say out there. Look to the art world anmd there is Salvador Dali, the acting profession has Robin Williams, in music you have Moby and in Car design you have Andy Saunders.”

Richard Nicholls. Editor

“From its spaceship like bodywork to the rocket boosters on the rear guards, from the lashings of chrome  to the all vinyl interior that screams 1950’s the X-2000 is the most striking and unusual concept car EVER exhibited in Australia.”

Melbourne International Motorshow Brochure

“Since building the Bentley Andy is getting respect from certain circles and in particular the well healed fans of horrifically expensive coach built automobiles. There beginning to consider Saunders creations not as customs but more like the Legendary pre-war coach builders that built bespoke one off bodies for Rolls and Bentley, the kind of cars that now turn up at Pebble Beach Concours.”

Gary Inman. Journalist

“Andy Saunders is the barris of England, one of those cellinis of sheet metal who can make anything.”

Michael Lamm. Highly respected automotive historian and journalist California

“Andy has the hands of an artist and the soul of a poet and if he’d have chosen to chop cows up instead of cars Damien Hurst would at this very moment being asking someone if they like to upgrade to a mega deal.”

Tim Baggerley

“Pottle a vintage car at 30 MPH along a derestricted dual carriageway and you’ll soon learn the meaning of wrath but drive the boat in similar circumstances and you’ll experience only respect.”

Danny O Driscoll. Journalist

“Andy Saunders is a heavy weight in car design.”

Trevor Nelson. BBC2 

“Andy has a mission to boldly chop where no one has chopped before.”

Tim Baggerley