Approached by many company’s over the years Andy has taken on a number of different commissions, showcasing a few here, with the most recent first. 


C-AR-T Exhibition
Saunders showcased his contributions at his local arts centre in Poole, attracting more than 4000 visitors and receiving 76 nominations it was an all round success


Saunder’s Skip Art Causes London Sensation!
This latest commission from Nissan was to build a sculpture to enhance the new Nissan Leafs Low emissions and its usage within the London emission zone


A drivable copy of the real Nissan Delta Wing
Commissioned by Top Gear Magazine in conjunction with Nissan UK, Saunders was asked to build a drivable copy of the Nissan Delta Wing race car


Two driveable football pitches
This commission for Hyundai was to aid their advertising campaign during the World Cup 2010. With only 6 weeks notice this was a tough challenge, hence commissioning Andy  


Top of the Chops
Cut in half, extensively strengthed and made hingeable to open up for the public to view its lush leather interior. The Hyundai Unhinged went down a storm at the EXCEL London Motor Show


From city car to Ice Cream Seller
The Ice Cream Van appeared in Autocar on March 4th…and was seen all over Europe during 2008 showing on the Hyundai stand helping to promote their New i10 City car


First International Commission
Saunders first commission for a major international company. The Honda Zoomer was launched as a utilitarian scooter and 10 designers were asked to modify one bike to how ever they wanted it


Sunseeker commissioned Andy to Paint this
After taking on the commissionSunseeker found that what the customer wanted they were unable to execute, hence inviting Andy to complete the job. 


Taking the Camping Scene by Storm
The conversion was designed by Andy to bring a really cool camper to the market place that would be as well appointed as the same configuration on a VW but much cheaper for the customer. 

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    “Saunders has been a major creative force in the british custom scene for many years. His cars are as eagerly anticipated as Tarantino’s Flicks and among certain circles they are as controversial.”
    Gary Inman. Journalist

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    “Andy saunders is an artist and cars are his canvas.”
    Liz Turner. Journalist

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    “Picasso’s Citroen, The X-2000 and the Lancia Zero are three cars that perfectly define Saunders Genius.”
    Octane Magazine

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    “Things you JUST must have….Picasso’s Citroen.”
    Vanity Fair